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We endeavor to passionately handcraft pure and natural skin care products, from the finest natural produce and plant botanicals.

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  • Berry-luscious Foaming Cleanser

    Formulated for normal to dry skin types, this foaming cleanser helps r …

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  • Glow Facial Scrub

    This amazing formulation has mild cleansing grains that instantly clea …

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    Glow Face Kit

    Introducing  Glow Kits that will help your …

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  • Customised Face Serum – Luxurious

    Even if it’s not stamped with your monogram, nothing says luxury like …

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Who we Are

Astrea signifies purity and so do our skincare solutions. All our products are created with a lot of love and care, because we believe that there is a goddess in every woman, and she needs to be nurtured and feel beautiful inside out.

Our Happy

Customers Say


Products that I bought – Face cleanser, balm and moisturiser they are awesome. Loved the fragrance of the cleanser and very happy.


I just want to let you know that my skin has become fabulous! I’m loving it! The texture of my skin has improved and it had become soft! Your products are amazing! It would be awesome if you make something for sunscreen too. I don’t want to put any chemicals on my face after this.


I am so in love with Astrea’s products and the brand ideology. I appreciate the fact that all its products are 100% natural and handmade based on extensive scientific research and testing. While all the products are great and so effective – the stars for me are the lip balms and the Amaara baby oil. Being a total lip balm…


I been using your glow cleanser, clarifying toner and even tone vita gel. To be frank, I was not consistent since I was busy. Yet I found some great results and I have not had any new breakouts which is a great relief for me. I am trying my best to be consistent to see more results. Lip balm has…


Your soap is just so awesome. Actually I bought it for my mom because her skin is so sensitive she’ll get rashes so soon but with the first time of use of your soap it did wonders to my mom’s skin, thanks for that.

Seema Ahmed

Two of the products that I really loved are Lemon Puff body butter and Morning Mist moisturiser. They sit so well on the skin and they smell just wonderful.

Our Products
  • Clarifying Toner

    Our Clarifying Toner focuses on calming the skin, closing the pores an …

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  • Forever Young

    Skin repairs the most at night when we are asleep. It recovers from th …

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  • Glow Facial Scrub

    This amazing formulation has mild cleansing grains that instantly clea …

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  • Morning Mist

    Oil secretion in the skin happens every day of our lives. While most o …

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We handcraft products from the finest natural produce