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We endeavor to passionately handcraft pure and natural skin care products, from the finest natural produce and plant botanicals.

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  • Berry-luscious Foaming Cleanser

    Formulated for normal to dry skin types, this foaming cleanser helps r …

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  • Glow Facial Scrub

    This amazing formulation has mild cleansing grains that instantly clea …

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  • Glow Face Kit

    Introducing  Glow Kits that will help your …

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  • Customised Face Serum – Luxurious

    Even if it’s not stamped with your monogram, nothing says luxury like …

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Who we Are

Astrea signifies purity and so do our skincare solutions. All our products are created with a lot of love and care, because we believe that there is a goddess in every woman, and she needs to be nurtured and feel beautiful inside out.

Our Happy

Customers Say


Thank you so much for the morning mist day cream. My grandmother loved her bottle too. Really moisturizes my skin! My skin feels really hydrated through the day. Looking forward to trying out more products especially the oatmeal facial cleanser.


I have been using the toner for the past few days and I have to say, it works. It works so well for my skin. My pimples have reduced, almost disappeared. I want to try more products.


I used your cream yesterday. I washed my face in the morning and I liked the slight glow and softness on my face and the smell of the cream too. I’m sure I will see more results in a week’s time. I am happy and satisfied with the product. Would like to try some more of your products later.


I been using your glow cleanser, clarifying toner and even tone vita gel. To be frank, I was not consistent since I was busy. Yet I found some great results and I have not had any new breakouts which is a great relief for me. I am trying my best to be consistent to see more results. Lip balm has…


I must say the Glow cleansing grains is too good. Just what I was looking for all these days. Forever young does a great job too. Skin was oil free and glowing in the morning when I got up and I love the smell of all the products.


Lemon Puff Body Butter: I could feel the fineness in its texture and its seamless blending into my skin. The moisture stays for longer and highly recommended. I’m in love and addicted to the product so much. Thank you for introducing this to me. I’m so much in love with it. Looking forward for more and more innovative products from…

Our Products
  • Clarifying Toner

    Our Clarifying Toner focuses on calming the skin, closing the pores an …

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  • Forever Young

    Skin repairs the most at night when we are asleep. It recovers from th …

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  • Glow Facial Scrub

    This amazing formulation has mild cleansing grains that instantly clea …

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  • Morning Mist

    Oil secretion in the skin happens every day of our lives. While most o …

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We handcraft products from the finest natural produce