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Our Story

In Greek mythology, Astrea was the goddess of innocence and purity. Her name meant “star-maiden” and she was on the earth alongside humans during the Golden Age of Man. When the Iron Age dawned, bringing along misery and wickedness, Astrea abandoned the earth and went to the skies. It is said that, when Astrea returns to earth one day, she will once again bring the utopia that was during the Golden Age, bringing an end to human suffering.

Our journey began when Sharon Natarajan, the brain behind Astrea started facing a skin issue. The resulting natural solutions led to the development of new products that addressed many more dermal concerns. Family and friends benefited from it all and a formal foray was made into retail space. She believes that if you can eat it, you can put it on your face too. Hence, all of Astrea’s products are a gift of nature’s bounty, the valleys and the hills.

Our Policy

Astrea signifies purity and so do our skincare solutions. All our products are created with a lot of love and care, because we believe that there is a goddess in every woman, and she needs to be nurtured and feel beautiful inside out.

We endeavour to passionately handcraft pure and natural skin care products, from the finest natural produce and essential oils. Our products are formulated scientifically and made in small batches to ensure optimum efficacy and freshness.

Zero chemicals is our way of contributing to wellness at a time when harsh chemicals lie hidden in a majority of lifestyle products that our era is exposed to. The shelf life of ASTREA products is 6 months, since we use only natural preservatives.

Reduce and Reuse – we are committed to giving back to Mother Earth. Most of the product containers are glass jars that can be reused. In doing this, we also keep in mind that glass is a non reactive material and our formulations remain unaltered. A couple of products do come in safe plastic containers, for the quest for suitable containers is on. Yet, all our jars and little boxes are reusable.

We are glad to take you along as we learn more and offer more.