Dull skin can result due to poor diet and lifestyle. It can also be due to dead skin cells clinging on to the surface of your skin. Dull skin fortunately is not a skin condition and can be easily improved. Healthy diet and a good amount of exercise will help from within. Topical applications do the magic even faster.

Keeping a clean skin and nourishing it with natural skincare products is simple and fun. Our Skin Brightening Kit brings you good skin in four easy steps.

Our Skin Brightening Kit comprises of:
Oil Cleanser, Glow, Face Mask, Youth Elixir.

The botanical extracts and essential oils in all the four components of the kit work synergistically to deep-cleanse, exfoliate, lighten and brighten skin and keep it hydrated.

How to use:
We suggest you to get in touch with our skin therapists at the number provided.

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