Flower Power Jelly Mask-Pack of 3


Festive times are for glowing inside out, from all the fun, joy and festive foods. To keep up with it, we have introduced our Glow Kits that will help your skin stay radiant, soft and nourished.
Festive times can also cause either dryness of skin or an increase in sebum due to certain foods, travel, partying or makeup. But, that can be handled with our Festive Glow Kits, which are customised !
Flower Power Jelly Face Masks are our latest launch and just as the name suggests, they are enriched with floral extracts that provide intense hydration, brighten the skin and fade scars. With their aromatherapy benefits, they lift your moods or calm you down with their natural fragrances. Buy the pack of three masks and pamper your skin no end. You will have an occasion to use each one of them. Our therapists will be happy to detail their benefits to you. They make ideal gifting options too !


Packed with AHA, Vitamins and Minerals, Astrea’s Flower Power Jelly Masks promise long lasting hydration and a radiant complexion.

Formulated with moisture-rich ingredients, our Jelly Masks cool and comfort even the most irritated skin. They hydrate, brighten, aid exfoliate, and give you all the benefits of anti aging skincare.

Floral Jelly Mask – Geranium

Flower Jelly Mask – Jasmine

Floral Jelly Mask – Lavender


Floral Jelly Mask – Geranium
A jelly mask you will fall in love with ! Geranium is a boon to skin and its topical application will leave your skin radiant. Being a Cicatrisant, geranium helps fade scars gradually and gives skin a firm and toned appearance.

Flower Jelly Mask – Jasmine
Who doesn’t love the fragrance of jasmine ? Some like it mild and some like it strong, whatever be its strength, it never fails to lift moods. Slather some of our Jasmine Jelly Mask on your face regularly and your scars could diminish. It can fade stretch marks on your body too ! A blessing for dry skin as it soothes and keeps skin moisturised.

Floral Jelly Mask – Lavender
How would you like a mask that will uplift your moods ? Our Lavender Jelly mask will do just that and more ! With its healing and calming properties, lavender will work on your skin as well as mind.

Additional information

Best suited for

Any Skin Type

How to use

Apply a thick layer all over face and neck with your fingers. Keep it on till it dries, apply water to the mask and rub gently in circular motions till the jelly mask turns creamy. Wash off with water to reveal fresh, soft and glowing skin.


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