Deep Cleansing

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Deep cleansing is nothing but double or triple cleansing. It starts out with using an oil cleanser, followed by a foam cleanser and for best result, ends with a mild facial scrub. Yes, we need two different formulas to thoroughly cleanse the face. We have a third layer which has given amazing results.

The Astrea Deep Cleansing includes:

Step 1 : Oil Cleansing

Step 2: Foaming Cleansing

Step 3: Glow Facial Scrub


Why deep cleansing?

Our skin produces sebum which gets pushed to the stratum corneum for expulsion. External pollutants like dust, soot and grime settle on the skin on a daily basis. Sebum, sweat and environmental pollutants mix together to clog the pores and in time breed microbes, resulting in skin inflammations.

A small amount of residual oils is always present in the skin, either by natural oil secretion or oils left behind by sunscreens, face creams or makeup. The only effective way to cleanse the skin of all these is by using an oil cleanser. Only oil can remove oil, water cannot. We have three oil cleansers formulated for different types of skins.

A good, gentle foaming cleanser is the second step. Some amount of oils and makeup still linger on our skin even after the initial cleansing. Foaming cleansers are many, but it is important to choose a gentle, chemical-free cleanser to remove traces of the leftovers. Our foaming cleansers contain sulphate free soap which does not harm the skin.

At Astrea, we have added an almost magical formulation, the Glow cleansing grains that ever so gently exfoliate, leaving the skin clearer, brighter and radiant. Dead skin cells sticking to the skin come away with this step, revealing fresh new cells that reflect light and add a glow to your face.

Deep cleansing must be done twice a day – morning and at bedtime if you want to keep your skin fresh and glowing.


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